Inexpensive Ideas For Keeping Your Children Entertained

Some kids will have plenty of toys but still seem to get bored. This is normal, but it can be annoying for parents who need to get chores done. Here we have some inexpensive and creative ideas that your kids will love! There’s plenty to choose from so you’re bound to find something to suit you. Not only are these ideas cheap and inventive, but adults can have plenty of fun getting involved with them too. Take a look! 

Place some play dough into a balloon and you’ve got a fun, squishy new toy! 

Make a balloon rocket! You will need… a piece of yarn or fishing line that measure approximately 6 feet, a balloon, 2 chairs, a cocktail straw, a pair of scissors and some tape. Tie one end of your yarn to the back of a chair and then thread it through the straw. One the straw is in place, tie the other end of the string to your second chair. Inflate your balloon (do not secure the end just hold it) and carefully tape it to the straw. Release and off your rocket goes! 

kid entertainment ideas balloon rocket


Make tennis a house friendly game by using balloons as balls and crafting rackets from paper plates like in the images below!

If you’ve got some bubble wrap lying around, you can create your little one some shoes that they can use for painting. This stops them getting paint on their skin, makes fun popping sounds and can easily be discarded and replaced. 

If your kids like to hang out in forts and tents, let them craft a fake camp fire to really set the scene! 

Let you kid’s explore their creativity by designing their own clothes!

kid entertainment ideas design own clothes


Sometimes it’s the simplest things that keep children engaged. By taping a cardboard roll to the wall, your child can drop things down it and you’ll be surprised at how much they enjoy it! 

Bowling is a great game that doesn’t have to be played on a large scale. By using a few house hold items you can create your child their own DIY bowling alley. We recommend (depending on your child’s age) marbles as bowling balls! 

Painting on wet glue with food coloring can be super fun and what you’re left with looks pretty awesome!

Use two sticks and a rope paired with some bubble solution and you can make some giant bubbles! 

kid entertainment ideas giant bubbles