Hilarious Tweets That Prove Ryan Reynolds Is The King Of Twitter

You may know Ryan Reynolds purely as an actor. But, the star has plenty more to offer the world. Not only is he a grounded family man who dotes on his wife and children, but Ryan also has a knack for humor. You’ll already be aware of this if you follow Ryan’s Twitter account but if you aren’t yet familiar with it, you’re in for a hilarious treat. Take a look, enjoy, but be warned some of his wit some readers may find offensive!
Website: Twitter

Ryan has no chill!

This certainly wouldn’t be a natural sight!

Ryan sounds like a dad you could have a proper joke with. 

Interesting analogy!

David Attenborough next-levels just about everything.

Ryan clearly has a flare for jokes.



That’s one way of terrifying your fellow humans!


This is so true. The phrase just doesn’t sound right!

We feel your pain.