Hilarious Images About Customer Service That Anyone Who Has Worked In Retail Will Relate To

Funny, but ouch!

Every employee who can’t be bothered summed up…

Funny how this happens, isn’t it?

One of the only good feelings!

If you yourself are a retail worker, we hope you’ve managed to find some humor in this post. To the rest of you reading this that are usually the customer, please use these images as a guide on how not to treat retail staff (or any staff in general)! A little kindness, understanding and politeness is nearly always guaranteed to get you better service! So, always remember to treat others how you would like to be treated. Keep going to see more hilariously relatable images!

If you want an honest answer…

So accurate!



Think before you be that customer.

Those posters do a world of good…

One of the most common ‘jokes’ customers use…

A rare but wonderful occurrence!