Hilarious Images About Customer Service That Anyone Who Has Worked In Retail Will Relate To

A vast majority of the population has worked in retail. Whether this be when you were young for a summer job, or, your career choice as an adult, there are some universal occurrences all retail workers can relate to. Here we have a hilarious list of images that sum up the everyday things people who deal with customer service go through. Take a look, we’re willing to bet you identify with more than a few!

Usually the answer is… yes. 

Better go home and get it!

Every. Damn. Time.

*Prays for customer to go away*

Some customers really need to be kinder.

Why, just why, do people do this?



We’ve all had this customer…

This is deep.

If people were to be honest in interviews…

A moment of silence for those who couldn’t escape…