Hilarious Work Memes That Tell The Story Of Your Life

If you are lucky enough to love your job, this post might not be so relatable to you. But, for those of you who literally count down the minutes until home time, have a special place where you go to cry and have mastered the fake customer service smile, this post is for you. Here we have some truly amusing memes that highlight the realities of people who work. For those of you reading this list whilst you’re at your job, we hope it improves your day. Take a look!

A joyful moment.

Have you perfected your fake laugh?

The customer is always right…

Pretty much the feeling you have every day…

So satisfying!

Hold it in!

Sadly, the answer is often yes.

Waiting for the brainwave like…

work memes millionaire


We all know that one person who does this…

Quick! Act like you’re doing something productive…

Sometimes the bathroom is the only escape.

How things usually go down…

work memes friday vs monday


This is so true…

There’s got to be another way, surely?!

work memes fax


The saying goes ‘always look on the bright side of life’ and we couldn’t agree more. Often the best thing you can do to improve a negative situation is to try and see the happy and funny sides of things. These images may be painfully true, but, at least you can take some solace in the fact that there are millions of other people around the world feeling the exact same way you do. And, some of them have even worse bosses! Keep going to see more amusing memes!

So accurate. 

If you want an honest answer…

However will she live with herself?!

The punishment for being good…

We all have these moments…

So damn true! 

work memes stay late


The special place where you let it all out so that you can get through the day…

work memes this is where i come to cru


When you procrastinate for too long…

work memes work i havent done


Why cant this happen during good times also?

When reality hits you like a brick…

work memes wish i was dead


The anger you feel where you hear these words is indescribable. 

These are the times that you pray to wake up to something like heavy snow fall that means work is cancelled…

work memes wake up


Even 5 minutes of extra sleep is more important.

work memes wake up early and get cute