Hilarious Wives That You Would Be Happy To Spend A Lifetime With

So many of these wives have such brilliant senses of humor. Laughter is honestly so good for the soul. Although life is never going to be perfect, it goes with out saying that someone who can brighten your days with humor is a great catch. We’ve definitely found some amusing inspiration for pranks, jokes and tricks to play on our unsuspecting loves ones. Keep going to see more hilarious images! 

When you’re trying really hard to remind your partner to take their lunch to work…

Remind you of anything?

More men need to see and appreciate this…

This wife was going away for a while so she left her husband a little surprise…

This classic never gets old!

You’ll never look at ‘Gotham’ the same again.

wife prank got ham gotham


This strategically placed Halloween decoration provoked quite a fright! 

Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt?

This wife couldn’t resist leaving her peas behind when she spotted this vehicle…

A great gift!

wife prank im good with math mug