This Dad’s Tweets Showing Conversations With His Daughters Will Have You Laughing So Hard

Any father will tell you that the bond he shares with his little girl(s) is something wonderfully unique. No matter how much they grow, a father’s daughter will always seem innocent and young in his eyes. However, they can also be right little gremlins at times! One person who experiences the hilarious joys of fatherhood is James Breakwell. The Indiana based blogger shares the amusing daily conversations he shares with his 4 daughters on Twitter for all to enjoy. Take a look to get an insight into fatherhood!

Coloring outside the lines is not cool. Get with it dad!

Well, they aren’t wrong! You are a male!

You got told!

When you’re tired but food is life…


Don’t mess with Elsa!



We’re sure the nurses have seen weirder things!

This 5 year old is going places.

Well that’s that sorted!