Hilarious Snapchats Showing Why Dogs Are Wonderful Creatures

Anyone who owns a dog will preach how beautiful the creatures are. They have so much love to offer and can really turn a person’s life around. Although they can be hard work at times, the good far outweighs the bad. Just like us humans, each dog beholds their own personality and here we have some hilarious snapchats that let those individual personalities shine through. If you aren’t yet a dog owner yourself, these images might be enough to make you want to be! Take a look!

This knackered dog needs a moment to re-inflate!

The kind of bus every dog lover would be ecstatic to find themselves on!

There will be some very relieved, and very upset, students!

That face! Incredible!

Make sure the exit hole/valve is plugged!

Bless! That face looks quite sad. 

A dog’s gotta go what a dog’s gotta do. 

If you want to know what a not amused dog looks like, here you go. 

funny dog snapchats dog lego creation


He’s giving himself a pep talk clearly!

So much adorable in one photo!

These images have really brightened up our day. We really don’t understand how any one can be cruel to animals, we are so lucky to share this world with them. We only wish that we had the people responsible for these images as contacts on Snapchat so we could keep up with the antics of their gorgeous dogs all day long! If you’re considering adding a dog to your family, we wish you every luck in finding the perfect pooch! Keep going to see even more hilarious dog themed snaps!

This is one dog who knows how to get comfortable. 

And, look at the tongue! 

What marvelous legs this dog has! 

It took us a fair few minutes to stop laughing at this photo!

A photo captured at just the right moment!

funny dog snapchats female centaur


That looks like a really soft chill spot. 

Those eyes are hypnotizing! 

You’d have to have quite strong arms to carry around a dog of this size for the duration of a shopping trip!

Nailed it!

How long did it take you to notice what’s going on here?

The look of pure horror and shame at being caught!

funny dog snapchats pickpocket dog


Aww, what a great idea!

Kenny is not happy about the sign!

Who doesn’t love grandma?!

What a journey! 

The lengths people, and dogs, will go to for pizza are limitless!

A new piece of art was made in this moment!

Zoey’s eyes are making a judgement on you…

funny dog snapchats zoeys pillow