Hilarious Dad Texts That Are On Form

Some people would say that the funniest type of texts are the ‘wrong number’ ones. However, we think that texts from dads could definitely compete. Whether they contain terrible jokes, their awesome sense of humors or their utter naivety to certain subjects, dads could take the win for the category of best texts. Here we have a selection of great examples that are sure to put a smile on your face. Take a look!

He went there…

Sorry, dad is gone!

funny dad texts dad is dead


We like the effort that went into this joke.

Funny Dad Texts darthvader


We love the way the dad took his photo!

That’s a fairly tame pet name!

Funny Dad Texts did you pick up


This dad is awesome.

funny dad texts dislike everyone equally


This joke back fired…

This dad knows their child too well.

funny dad texts donuts


When you can’t even be mad…

funny dad texts end of this ruler


The best way to break bad news…

Funny Dad Texts failed bio exam