Hilarious Animal Memes That Will Brighten Up Your Day

Monday has arrived and it’s easy to feel down about it. We’ve got the whole long week ahead of us and the weekend seems oh so far away. But, there’s a way to get through it, there’s a way to make your misery transform into happiness, and we have the answer right here for you. Below we have a collection of the most amusing, adorable and downright strange images involving various animals. Take a look and you are sure to have a smile on your face by the time you’ve finished reading! 

Look how happy she is!

What a considerate animal this cat is!

The faces that say ‘you’re not leaving without us’! 

How lovely is this?! We didn’t think cows were such friendly creatures towards humans.

Everyone needs a thoughtful dog like this in their lives!

It will never fail to amaze us how clever and caring animals can be.

animal memes dog brings napkin


Certain parts of the world might be a better place if dogs were in charge!

This melted our hearts. It’s also hilarious! 

What a lovely bond these two have.

Aww! So tiny!

animal memes dog with weights