Food Related Images That Perfectly Highlight Why We Have Trust Issues

It’s no secret that often adverts and food packaging can be a little misleading. You take this with a pinch of salt as you’re wise enough to know that not everything will look like the poster or TV marketing campaign. But, every now and again, you come across something so utterly and disgracefully misleading that you don’t know whether to laugh, cry, get really mad, or, all of the above. Here we have a hilarious selection of food related images showing why we as humans have such bad trust issues. Take a look!


This looks like it would fill you up…

Well, it does say ‘berry’ loaf and not ‘berries’.

Sitting on a throne of lies!


Something doesn’t add up here…

food-trust issues juice drink


Spot the difference…

food-trust issues ice cream


Talk about mixed messages!

The Easter bunny in disguise…

food-trust issues easter bunny wrapper


We see what you did here…

food-trust issues cranberry chocolate