28 Awesome Illustrations Showing Famous Pairs Of Enemies Adorably Hugging

Every good fairy tale, TV show or movie will always have heroes and villains, or at the very least characters that dislike each other or don’t get on. Although many of us love a good baddie, there’s no denying that they often lack love in their life. Nacho Diaz decided to do something about this. What started as a passion project, Nacho depicted villains getting some much needed love from their enemy counterparts, but then, new character combos kept coming to mind so the project never stopped! Take a look!
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Anna and Elsa

Ariel and Ursula

Boo and Randall

Buzz and Zurg

Chihiro and No Face

Deadpool and Deadpool



Frodo and Gollum

Fry And Bender

Genie and Jafar

Ghostbuster and Ghost