28 Awesomely Unique Doodles Merged With Shadows In Clever Ways

Filmmaker and doodler Vincent Bal from Belgium aspired to be a comic strip maker, but life lead him to take a different road. As a director, Vincent’s drawing skills came in very handy. After working on a script one night, he noticed his teacup made an interesting shadow on a piece of paper. From there, a few lines were added and the shadow suddenly became an elephant. After posting the image on Facebook, it received a lot of positive attention so Vincent now posts one doodle a day. Take a look!
Website: VincentBal

Arty Choke

Birdy On Shore Leaf

After Shaving, Captain Blackbeard Has Lost Some Of His Authority

Car Charged Cuisine

Colonel Brushtache

He Was Going To Comb The City For A Better Hairdresser



Cool Camel

Corky Mariachi

Dinner Music

Doesn’t Want To Draw Attention