These Crystal Studded Crowns And Tiaras Are Out Of This World

Do you resent the fact you weren’t born in an era where people wore crowns and tiaras on the regular? We certainly do! But, fear not, in recent times crowns and tiaras of all sorts are making a come back. Here we present the gorgeous work of Melissa Loschy, a California based designer who has an incredible talent for crafting crystal studded crowns and tiaras. Take a look at a few examples of her work below, you’ll notice we’ve given you the names of each item to save you time if you want to find one on Melissa’s Etsy store. Enjoy!
Website: Loschy

Amethyst Quartz And Eucalyptus Crown

Black Blade Crown

Black And Hot Pink Gem Spike Tiara

Black Metal Queen Tiara

Blue Apatite Black Blade Crown

Icy Blue Apatite And Eucalyptus Tiara



Silver And Peacock Feather Tiara

Clear Quartz And Eucalyptus Tiara

Ornate Pearl And Rhinestone Golden Blade Crown

Raw Critine On Black Blade Crown