Celebrity Lookalikes From Other Countries That Will Blow Your Mind

Indian Nicolas Cage

Indonesian Barack Obama

Japanese Johnny Depp

Are you mind blown yet? We certainly are! It’s strange to think that some of these lookalikes probably don’t even know that they are dopplegangers. We would love to see and hear the opinions and reactions of the celebrities involved after looking at these images. Isn’t it crazy how people completely unrelated genetically can end up looking so identical? Keep going to see more awesome foreign lookalikes! 

Macedonian Britney Spears

foreign-celebrity-lookalikes-macedonian britney spears


Male Overly Attached Girlfriend

Mexican Barack Obama

foreign-celebrity-lookalikes-mexican barrack obama


Mexican Morgan Freeman

Peruvian Morgan Freeman

Russian Hugh Laurie

Russian Jim Carrey

foreign-celebrity-lookalikes-russian jim carrey