Celebrity Lookalikes From Other Countries That Will Blow Your Mind

We did a previous post on ‘normal people who are celebrity dopplegangers‘ and now we are back, but this time we are going worldwide! Here we present a selection of people from different countries and nationalities that are so alike to certain celebrities, it makes you wonder if there could be some distant bloodline relatives lurking around. Take a look and see what you think!

American Kit Harington 

Asian Brad Pitt

Asian Mark Wahlberg 

Black Matt Damon

Brazilian Danny DeVito 

Chinese Vladimir Putin

foreign-celebrity-lookalikes-chinese vladimir putin


Egyptian Kanye West

Female Jay-Z

foreign-celebrity-lookalikes-female jayz


Indian Bradley Cooper

foreign-celebrity-lookalikes-indian bradley cooper


Indian Jeff Goldblum

foreign-celebrity-lookalikes-indian jess goldblum