Badass Grandmas That Put Youngsters To Shame

Sadly, many people miss out on having a grandma. We find this really upsetting because grandmas are just the best. Full of knowledge, wisdom and wit, grandmas have got the life experience to always offer you guidance. And, let’s not forget they will always make sure you never go hungry! Some grandmas, however, aren’t your traditional prim and proper ladies. In fact, the only way to describe them would be totally badass! Here we have some great examples of savage grandmas that will make you laugh. Take a look!
Website: Whisper

Woah! This is crazy!

This grandma doesn’t like losing!

That is seriously witty!

Slightly concerning… hopefully it was a joke!

Judgy Judy is too good to be missed!

BRILLIANT! You go grandma!

This lady is not to be messed with!

Not quite how we would interpret what she said but funny nonetheless!



We hope not to share this regret!


Well, she’s not wrong!

This grandma knows her stuff when it comes to being stylish!

Aww. We love it when families are accepting.

It is one catchy song!