These Gorgeous Animals With Vitiligo Will Take Your Breath Away

Some of you reading this will be familiar with the condition vitiligo. It causes white patches to develop on the skin and is caused by a lack of melanin (a pigment in the skin). It can affect any area of the body but is most commonly found on the face, hands, neck and creases of the skin. However, what many of you may not have known is that animals can also have the long term condition. Here we have a fascinating set of images showing the unique beauty of animals that have vitiligo. Take a look!

This dog is stunning!

What a gorgeous contrast of black and white.

We could look at pictures like these all day long!

The patches are not limited to age and can appear at any time.

It’s a shame that these animals will never be able to comprehend how beautiful they are.

It’s fascinating to see the different variations the condition causes.

snake with vitiligo


Owning any animal is a privilege, but if we had a pet like this we would want to stare at them all day long! 

Thankfully, as far as humans can tell, vitiligo causes no pain.

However, some people have claimed that their patches can feel itchy at times.

There is no way to predict where patches will occur and they are almost always permanent. 

vitiligo zebra