26 Hilarious Animal Themed Snapchats That Will Make You Laugh

Any avid Snapchat user will tell you there is a lot of boring rubbish posted on the photo and video sharing application. Often, you sift through your friends and families’ stories not seeing anything overly interesting. But, sometimes, you come across some absolutely hilarious gems, and we’d say more often than not the best ones involve animals! Here we have 26 images that will prove just that. Take a look and prepare to have your mood lifted!

Like two peas in a pod! Adorable!

Maybe this cat owner swore?

Always read the instructions!

We are inclined to agree…

Only in London!

This is brilliant!

This look is hilarious but very much deserved! 



Thank goodness the dog was unharmed!

Every dog’s nightmare!

He really does!

That horse looks like a lot of fun.

It’s Mufasa and Scar all over again!

That does not look comfortable! 

Aren’t animals just the best? There are so many different kinds of awesome species that have so much to offer the world, and these images show just a tiny part of that. We love that these Snapchats aren’t limited to your general cats and dogs. As wonderful as they are, it’s nice to have a little diversity thrown in to the mix! As we said, Snapchat can be a boring place sometimes, but, snaps like these make the whole app worthwhile. Keep going to see more animal fun!

Ah, good old sibling fun! Poor pup!



The outrage!

We wonder how long they were playing for? This is so unbelievably cute!

Look at all of those eyes! Creepy!

This is a recipe for disaster…


Innovation at its best…



The disappointment of not having your pizza would definitely be made better if this was the alternative! Hello Mr!

Whatever could have implied that…?

Cats like to have fun just as much as kids, if not more!

Imagine waking up from a nap to see this…

‘How about no? Peasant.’

That cupcake looks damn good…