Amusing Quotes From Your Favorite Animated Films That Will Brighten Your Day

What a lovely way to describe a woman, Shrek! 

How it feels when your new friend comes out of their shell…

Ice Age

He makes a good point!

In other words, everyone fails and makes mistakes sometimes, even if they don’t admit it. 

Reading these quotes has honestly brightened up our day. When times are stressful it’s amazing how much watching a movie aimed at kids can help. These images have definitely put us in the mood for an animated movie marathon! We actually envy people with kids who have a good excuse to watch these kinds of films on a regular basis! Keep scrolling to read even more amusing lines taken from some of your favorite animated movies…

Roll around in the snow to soothe that burn!

A positive way of looking at things!

animated film quotes ice age never say i was wrong


This sentence is so relatable! 

Each to their own…

Monsters Inc.

One of our favorite lines ever!


Oh, King Julian, you certainly have an interesting view on life!

animated film quotes madagascar what ever happened to seperation of the classes