Amusing Quotes From Your Favorite Animated Films That Will Brighten Your Day

Although many of the animated films of today are aimed at children, plenty of adults also enjoy them for many reasons. One of them is that these kinds of films take us back to our own younger days. Another reason is that some of things said in children’s films sound amusingly inappropriate in our grown up minds. What’s more, sometimes us older folk just need to be reminded of the messages and lessons that kid’s films try to convey. Take a look below to read some of the best quotes from some of your favorite animated movies and enjoy!

Kung Fu Panda

He’s not wrong! 

An undeniable legend…

When you fail miserably at something…

Friends get these things for free…

The Lion King

The ”Hakuna Matata’ song is whizzing around in our heads right now! 

We love these two. They set the bar for how friendship should be.

animated film quotes put your past behind you


If only we had that excuse!


How wonderfully poetic…

The Croods

This one gave us a good laugh!


We love badass Fiona! 

animated film quotes shrek thats your wife