Fascinating Images Of Actors And Actresses Posing With Their Body Doubles

The world we live in has many extremely talented actors and actresses. However, even though most of us are aware, it’s easy to forget that many of those talented people have stunt and body doubles that are also extremely gifted. The thing is, movies and even TV shows are so perfectly edited these days that most of us never even know when we’re looking at a double rather than the actress or actor. Here we have some cool images showing the stars alongside their awesome doubles. Take a look!

Chris Hemsworth And Bobby Holland Hanton

Chandler Riggs And Jessica Merideth

Sebastian Stan And James Young

Caitriona Balfe On Set For ‘Outlander’.

Arnold Schwarzenegger And Peter Kent

Colin Firth And Rick English

Chris Pratt And Tony McFarr

Christian Bale On Set For ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

Gerard Butler And Airon Armstrong

Ginnifer Goodwin On Set For ‘Once Upon A Time’.

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