15 Hilarious Things That Will Make Your Day

It’s no secret that some people appear to look better in photos than in person, we call this photogenic characteristic. But don’t you know that even things can possess this characteristic? We have round up the times when real things looked better in photos. We can guarantee you that these things are certainly real without the magical touch of Photoshop. However, a picture that really looks so life-like also has its drawbacks. When a photo looks so real that it can deceive anyone’s eyes, that’s when it becomes a problem. Here are the hilarious times when real things looked better in photos.



That cerulean swimming pool is so inviting in the photo. But seeing it in reality is so disappointing. What happened to the blue water and the blue sky?

When a graffiti drawing looks so real that it can deceive this driver’s eyes. But hey, he should’ve known it was a drawing in the first place when he saw Road Runner on it.

Telekinesis is the ability we would wish to possess. If we can’t have it in real life, we can at least have it in photos.

Online stores should stop using anorexic models to trick people of the actual size of their teeny-weeny clothes.

This costume is so spot-on and it actually adds a cool touch to this guitarist. We’re only worried about the guy inside that leather costume. How long can he stand the heat?

This elegant basketball is only good for the eyes because you wouldn’t want to break those expensive gems just to score a skimpy 2-points. But we wonder, does it come with a diamond ball too?

When you’re left with no choice but to accept the truth that you look like a cartoon character, for the sake of making other people happy.

Things that looked so real they can deceive our eyes



Cartoon mascots can really pep up a kid’s birthday party. This Spongebob mascot looks adorable in the photo. But seeing it in person turns out entirely different. Is that the zombie-version of Spongebob?

In the near future, builders will not be using concrete bricks anymore. They’ll be using Legos for construction. And why not? Legos are more appealing and I guess they’re more durable.

This head effigy of Eddie Murphy looks so real that it’s scary. How can you endure driving while this giant severed head is smiling at you?

No one is too young or too old for a Spongebob cake. Regardless of age, we all deserve this sweet treat.

This baby thinks he’s a koala and it’s the cutest thing we’ve seen today. We don’t mind if he really believes he’s a cuddly marsupial.

Going for a long journey on a train can be boring. So why not bring your flatscreen TV and your favorite RPG game with you?

No one could’ve given a more appropriate answer to this question than this kid. Give this kid an A+ already.

What would you feel when you realize that a giraffe is more photogenic than your child?

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